20 Free Printable Birth Affirmations


When I was pregnant with my last child I really wanted to find printable birth affirmations that I could hang around my birth space.

Not only do I generally find colouring to be relaxing and mindful, but I knew that they would photograph really well - and since I had hired a birth photographer this was important to me :)

(Side note: I’m embarrassed to admit how many decisions I made based on how well things would photograph - maybe it’s the photographer in me!?)

The problem I found though was that none of the birth affirmations I found online really spoke to me.

So, in true Ashley style, I decided to make my own.

And then I decided to make them available for everyone, because why not?

So here’s the download link, I hope you enjoy making them your own as much as I did!

There are 2 affirmations on each page. I’ve put a light grey border around each affirmation so you know exactly where to cut them. I’ve also left space at the top for holes (if you want to hang them), or, there is a mark where you would cut the white space if you’d prefer to place them around your birth space instead.

I recommend printing them out on card stock, but I’m also extra like that - regular printer paper would be fine as well.

And, most of the affirmations are not birth-specific, so feel free to use them after your birth as well!

Unfortunately for me my home birth turned into a hospital transfer and my photographer was not able to photograph my beautiful handiwork hanging above my birth tub, but I did manage to snap some photos of the finished work a few weeks before the birth.

DSCF8774 2.JPG