Photo Must-Haves For Your Birth

Of course I say “must-haves” with the caveat that birth is completely unpredictable, and sometimes capturing all these “must-have” moments is just not possible. There can be limitations from your birth place on when photographs can be taken, there can also be moments when it’s best to put the camera down during a birth, and sometimes birth is such a whirlwind that the last thing on someone’s mind is to pick up a camera - unless you have a birth photographer of course!

Having said that, here are the images that I try to capture at every birth when I’m there as your photographer - these help to tell your birth story, and will hopefully help to bring back the memories of your birth that often fade over time.

Your partner’s reaction

This was the first one that came to mind, because I think it’s one of the most important - there’s really nothing like seeing the reaction on your partner’s face the first time they lay eyes on your child. It’s something truly special.

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Your birth space

Take photos of anything that will help you remember your birth space - the hall leading to your room, your room number, the monitors….all these things you are likely to forget as your baby grows. It seems trivial to take pictures of random things in your space, but it really can help you remember the emotions of that day.


Your partner supporting you during labour

If for nothing else, to have something positive to remember about them when they sleep through your baby’s night-time crying for the 100th time (I’m joking of course!)


Your baby’s first breath

And their first moments earthside….ok so I cheated here because this is actually a few photos, but they are all special. Especially after birth those details can fade with all the emotion and adrenaline running through you!


Your family’s reaction

If your family is close for the birth, getting their reactions when meeting your baby for the first time can be priceless. They have all been waiting for this moment with you!


Detail shots

Believe me when I say they grow so fast. Getting images of all the details of your newborn - their fingers, their toes, their birthmarks - is something I think every family should do to look back on and remember how small your child once was.


A timestamp of the moment your baby was born

Just snap a quick pic of the clock on the wall, your wristwatch, or even your phone, showing the moment in time when your baby first made their entrance to the world.


The first newborn check

Take photos of your baby being weighed and measured for the first time. There will be lots more times when they’ll be weighed and measured in the first year especially, but there’s something special about that first check.

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The moment of birth

Arguably I’ve kept the best for last, but of course I’m biased. The moment of birth is by far one of my favourite moments because it’s absolutely amazing what the human body can do. No matter how many births I’m privileged enough to attend, this is usually the moment that gets me every time right in the feels <3

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It’s important to remember that these are just suggestions, and not every single one is possible at every birth. Sometimes births are precipitous, sometimes plans change, and sometimes there are limitations as to what is allowed at your birth space.

If you’re interested in having a photographer at your birth, shoot me an email or give me a call - I’d love to chat with you!