Laughing Your Baby Out - 5 Reasons Why Laughter is Beneficial During Childbirth (with videos!)

Sounds weird, right? We’re so used to seeing images of birth where the birthing person is doing anything BUT laughing that it might seem like an impossibility to find anything funny before, during, or after contractions, but actually there are many benefits to laughing during labour. In fact, there are benefits to our general health when we laugh regularly!

• It increases endorphins (nature’s natural painkiller, which we want lots of in labour)

• It can ease tension and help your body relax. Being relaxed in labour will help with pain (tension = pain!)

• It lowers blood pressure (high blood pressure can lead to complications)

• It increases the body’s ability to use oxygen (which is important in aiding the body to do it’s work)

• It relieves stress and actually helps to shut down stress hormones (stress again = tension, which = pain)

So, laugh it up! I’ve started a compilation below of some of the funniest videos I’ve seen around (plus one Facebook post for the comments), which you may also find hilarious (hopefully you share my sense of humour).