7 Real-Life Pregnancy Essentials

I know, I know…there are literally hundreds of articles out there with the top pregnancy essentials, and I’ve probably read them all. Here’s the thing though: most of them I didn’t find that relevant to me. You might need maternity underwear (I know I did for one out of three pregnancies to feel comfortable), or bigger bras (I never did and wore the same bras I did before pregnancy), but for the most part I had no use for most of the items on the bigger lists.

So I’ve narrowed the essentials down to only 7 that I would recommend every pregnant person have. And what about all those other must-haves? You can pick them up if you find you need them.

1. A snoogle. Or any pregnancy pillow really, but I found this one in particular to be the most awesome. I know, I know, this is one pretty much every other pregnancy essentials list out there, but it really does top my list as well. As your bump gets bigger you tend to need more support to sleep comfortably. Not only can it support your knees and pelvis while you sleep, but it can help elevate your upper body to control the inevitable heartburn and acid reflux that pregnancy brings.


2. Naps. Seems obvious but it’s so important to get enough sleep. Your body is growing a human and that’s not a small thing - it’s working overtime! If you can find time to nap, do it. Forget about your to-do list and lay down for a couple hours. You deserve it.


3. A nice water bottle. Because you know you’re more likely to keep up on your water intake if you love your water bottle, it’s basically a fact. So I’m giving you permission to splurge on this one. Water itself is essential to pregnancy - not only do our bodies need water to function effectively (and remember, your body is working overtime during pregnancy), but drinking lots of water can help combat many other pregnancy ailments - dry skin, constipation, hemorrhoids, swelling, and much more.


4. Comfortable shoes. You might be able to get away with heels in the first or second trimester, but by the third trimester wear whatever is most comfortable for you. I had no shame in rocking these crocs for the last 3 months of pregnancy, every day, all day.


5. A weighted sleep mask. Ok two reasons for this: it can help you fall asleep and stay asleep by it’s acupressure effect - think of it like a big hug that also blocks out light. Sleep is essential in pregnancy (see point #2), and bonus is that the sleep mask can also help with focus and comfort during labour. I use the nodpod that I found at Winners for a really reasonable price, but there are other options out there.


6. Heartburn and acid reflux relief. It’s an unfortunate reality that heartburn and acid reflux are to be expected during pregnancy - the reason for this is due not only to your stomach being pushed upward by your growing bump, but also because the increase of progesterone causes the valve in your throat to relax, making stomach acid more likely to irritate your esophagus. It wasn’t until I had such bad heartburn one night I thought I was dying that I realized how painful it can really get - and of course I did not have any antacids on hand. If you’re uneasy about taking an over the counter antacid, you can try some natural remedies first from your local health food store, or if you happen to have apple cider vinegar in your pantry take a tablespoon straight followed by a glass of water. It sounds gross, but it does work.


7. A good moisturizer. It really sucks to be itchy from dry skin, and I can say this from the perspective of someone with chronic dry skin that only gets worse during pregnancy. A good moisturizer is essential for combatting the dryness that hormones from pregnancy can cause.

Do you feel like I missed anything? If so, let me know in the comments below!