What's the difference between Birth, the Golden Hour, Fresh 48, and Newborn Photography?

Good question, let me clarify!


Birth Photography

should really be called “labour and delivery photography” because that’s exactly what it is: I meet you at your place of birth while you’re in active labour and capture all the moments leading up to your birth and after. This is perfect for families who want the whole journey documented - all the details of their labour, the actual delivery itself, and the first moments after (including those firsts during the “Golden Hour”). It means I’m on-call for you from 38 weeks onward, day or night, ready to meet you at your chosen birth place at any time of day.


The Golden Hour

(aka The First Glimpse) focuses on those first moments right after delivery, and is perfect for families who want a bit more privacy during their birth but who also want the first moments with their baby documented. I’m still on-call for you, day or night, ready to meet you at your chosen birth place right after delivery to capture all those precious first moments: newborn checks, breastfeeding initiation, the first bath, whatever you want!


Fresh 48

sessions are lifestyle sessions that take place within the First 48 hours of your baby’s birth, at either the hospital or your home (depending on your preference and how soon you’re discharged). I am on-call for you and ready to re-jig my schedule to make sure we hit that 48 hour window of newborn goodness!



sessions, on the other hand, usually occur within the first 10 days of your baby’s birth, and usually happen in your home (unless, of course, you have an extended hospital stay!). These are also lifestyle sessions and will still capture all the “new-ness” of your little squish that a Fresh 48 session will.


Each of the above comes with the option of five 5x7” professional prints, and a mini movie - see all the details and pricing here. If you’re wondering what a mini movie looks like, check out the below of a recent birth! And as always, if you have any questions at all, just shoot me a quick email.