Mama, You Are Beautiful

my belly, 16 months postpartum, with stretch marks that weren't there before on my hips and thighs, a not-so-flat-anymore belly, and a visible linea nigra (still!)

Motherhood changes us.

It changes our priorities, our relationships, our views on the world. It can change us in so many ways that we may not even see all the changes that have taken place, but they are there.

It also changes our bodies. Some of these changes are temporary (I promise, your hair will stop falling out eventually). Many though, are permanent.

I want you to know….

Mama, your body may never be the same, but you are beautiful. 

You may have new stretch marks where there were none before, and your breasts may have lost their pre-baby perkiness, but believe me, you are beautiful.

my c-section scar

In those moments when you look in the mirror and see a body that you may not recognize, remember that this is the body that has nourished and comforted your children. Think about that for a minute….your body did something as amazing as growing and nurturing another human being. That is no small feat. It is fucking amazing.

Just like you.