In giving birth to our babies we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn


Thank you for making the birth of our little angel even more memorable, and for giving my daughter the support and warmth she needed in those trying moments!
— YB, Toronto
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Hi, I'm Ashley, #birthnerd extraordinaire.

I love what I do. Seriously. I know sometimes people say that, but I really, really mean it. I'm truly passionate about the things I love (birth being one of them!), which makes me super fun at parties (who doesn't want to hear about how babies are born over cake?).

Other things I love include coffee, beer, pizza, chocolate chia pudding, dogs, sleep, and hip hop.

I'm the mom to two beautiful daughters, one who is an angel and another who is a tenacious toddler.

When I'm not at a birth you can find me reading about birth, thinking about birth, or talking about birth. But seriously, you can probably find me sleeping because I have to take it when I can get it.

What gets me fired up (in a good way):

• When I can see the difference that informed decision-making and empowerment can make to a birth experience

• When I get to capture the intimate moments of a family during birth or after

• When I see families thrive in their new roles as parents. There's just nothing better (well, except maybe sleep!)

If you’re ready to chat about how I can help to make your birth experience as positive and empowering as possible, contact me and we can set up a coffee or tea date.


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